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The HTML version is machine-generated and may not display correctly.Every domain name registered with Whois® includes a complimentary c Panel® hosting plan with 100MB of disk space, 1000MB of data per month, and 2 email addresses on your new domain with POP and webmail access. For registrar clients who have domains on our Auto Pilot platform, revenue stats are automatically imported and used to calculate each domain's Return on Investment (ROI). We've got all the data you need to manage your domains. Consolidate on's Registrar and avoid the hassle of updating spreadsheets each time you buy, sell or drop domains.

The is an unrestricted space with Domain Name Registry functions carried out by Afilias.

Please visit the Archived Registry Agreements webpage to view any previous Base Registry Agreements.

The official Registry Agreement version is the Word version.

- domains can be registered by anyone WHOIS Privacy available. Whois® Contact Privacy fulfills all the regulatory requirements for a domain registration and keeps your personal details in the public WHOIS database PRIVATE.

It is widely known that spammers harvest data from the WHOIS databases and use the addresses they find to conduct phishing attempts and send unsolicted emails.