Women in recovery dating

Common arguments can sound like: The number one reason you shouldn’t date during your critical first year of sobriety was explained pretty plainly by our own Dr. He was directing these words to clients still in a drug rehab environment, but this advice crosses over to anyone in early sobriety: Think about this for a moment.

Addiction is a medical illness, just like diabetes or cancer.

But she was also a woman - a loving mother, an member of a strong family unit and a good friend - she worked hard and battled personal demons including addiction and her story isn't as uncommon as you may think.

Women are the fastest-growing segment for substance abuse in the United States.

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Women start using for different reasons, get addicted differently, progress faster, recovery differently and relapse for different issues.

“Everybody should be connected in one way or another," Kole tells .The idea for the site came from co-founder Paul Kole, who faced his own struggles while trying to date during recovery.Determined not to be the “creepy guy at the supermarket” hitting on girls, he joined forces with Shea, who already ran her own "Sexy and Sober" clothing and accessories line.Years of addiction have taken their toll on your body, mind and spirit. Would you really want to begin a new relationship during this time.When you aren’t healthy, you don’t bring much to the table, after all.