Avg license not updating

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The message is continuing to pop are you trying to do when you get this error message?

The message itself is telling you that AVG setup or update is currently running, therefore it will only allow (1) instance of it to run, not multiple.

You should be able to see it if you open your task manager; if necessary you can kill the process there as well.

Note: When reactivating AVG in your network with the new AVG License Number, please do not forget to enter the new AVG License Number into the AVG Admin Server as well.

I never authorized continued payments to this lousy company, but they took information from my Pay Pal account and made it anyway.

It looks like a couple of weeks before I will get the money back. All it got me was their free version (with unlimited popups), and an unauthorized charge. I have had AVG for about ten years, but in the last couple of years when it is time to renew it has seemed like the pop-up hard sell has gotten worse and worse.

I had the problem reappear weeks later, but I just downloaded the same file and ran it over the old installation and it fixed again. DO NOT REMOVE THE INSTALLATION OR ANYTHING..click the avira link above and run it. Using an expired AVG License Number in Admin Server limits the funtionality of Remote Administration (centralized updates, management of stations, etc.).Hi Guys, I have run into a problem where my AVG Admin Console won't push out my new AVG license codes to members of some groups of workstations.Additional Error Message: MSI Engine: Failed to install the [email protected]_Error1929 Service 'AVG Firewall' (avgfws) could not be stopped.