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Wagner vs Psycho was fine, but only just, and then really only because of the historical significance.Everything else was overbooked and mostly really bad.Scherzinger pushed forward and contributed a track ("Breakfast in Bed") to the soundtrack for the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore flick 50 First Dates under the name Nicole Kea.In fact, Scherzinger wound up singing basically all of the vocals on the group's 2005 debut, PCD, along with being the only Doll to have a few songwriting credits on the album.(renseigne toi avant de mettre des catcheurs que je suis sur tu ne connai meme pas...) Pour finir, Booker T ne sera plus dans un Jeu Smackdown car tout simplement il est a la TNA et ne fais pas parti des Legend de la WWE.donc wwe-fan-svr010 , noobisme intégrale, apprends le catch avant de poster des conneries ;) merci Deja d'une, tu parle normalement et pas la peine d'insulter car je ne t rien fait..." Trish asked rolling her eyes."Just ignore them.""I already do." Trish mumbled.Jeff wasn`t supposed to hear it, but he did and it made him chuckle a bit."I hope they didn`t scare you off.""They didn`t, but Lita threatened me.""I don`t know what her problem is.""I do.""Really what is it? He does.""I agree with Trish Lita." Jeff said"Of course you do.

Note that only compilations and specials are entered here, releases that only cover a single wrestling event will not be featured here. And Bobby wanted to come out here and send a very personal message to Mr. No-one] "A very disappointing event, though I probably shouldn't have expected much.

----Just got a phone call that before the ASWF show started tonight, that Cody Only, Idol Bane and Deadly Dale - collectively known as "LSD" walked out.

Apparently they had some major disagreement with ASWF owner David Walls.

Comme pour le 2009, genre un lutteur dévoilé par jour ou tout les deux jours.

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