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"For safety reasons during the rehearsal we had to use a rubber ball, which has a really strange bounce that made it hard to hit.

Then when we were finally using the real ball for the scene, Will bowled it wide of me every single time so I couldn't hit it. Then Andrew started to doubt that I could actually play cricket, and he asked me to pretend to hit the ball for the rest of the...

It turns out that the Pevensies are engaged in a desperate battle of good versus evil.

They are looked after by two kindly beavers (voiced by Dawn French and Ray Winstone) and a righteous lion, Aslan (Liam Neeson), who protect them from the increasingly vicious depredations of the witch and her ugly band of hags, satyrs, dwarfs, horny-headed munchkins and hairy oompah-loompahs.

Till next election, when the Skanks will looz most of their seats, probably including Clegg's seat.

If you live in Australia, you may have caught Jonathan being interviewed this morning on Mornings' Throwback Thursday.

He thought its imaginative purity would be sullied.

Where just a couple of years ago we were able to approach Christmas safe in the knowledge that Santa, aka the equally jolly and bearded Peter Jackson, would be gifting us the latest instalment of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth trilogy, last year we had to make do with damp squib The Polar Express. - the first instalment of The Chronicles of Narnia by Tolkien's life-long friend CS Lewis. Lewis detested the idea of his Christian allegory being translated to the screen.

The singer, 27, and the actor, 26, are said to have been sneaking around London in disguise in a bid to keep their budding romance under wraps for 'several months'.She has been staying out of the public's eye for three months and, according to the insider, is desperate to avoid the public scrutiny she faced while dating Tom, 36.Joe is the first person Taylor has been linked to since she split with the Brit and they have reportedly been dating for months.Taylor Swift's private jet has been spotted arriving in the UK as she jetted in to see her secret British boyfriend Her aircraft, thought to be a Gulfstream G450, was pictured landing in Birmingham after flying in from Nashville, Tennessee, as her romance with British actor Joe Alywn, 26, was revealed.The two have been trying to keep their budding relationship as private as possible, with the singer even said to have been sneaking around London in disguise.